Over 75+ Indoor Cycling Drills and Hundreds of Songs for Your Halloween Classes

Are you excited to add a dash of Halloween magic to your indoor cycling classes? Are you looking to save some time creating drills this season? Looking for some fresh fun ideas?Join us for the Indoor Cycling Halloween Workshop, crafted to make instructors' lives easier by streamlining the preparation process for their halloween-themed classes with drills broken down to the second and the songs to match! Plus you can use these songs throughout the year too! *Instructor Club Members have this workshop included in the club*

  • Pre-Recorded Workshop: How to Incorporate Themed Rides in Your Cycling Classes (4 CEC's)

  • Variety of Pre-Choreographed Drills: Includes Choreographed, Interactive, Timer, and Interactive Cycling Drills

  • Several Halloween Playlists: Includes the Drill Songs, Halloween Interludes, Halloween Mini Sprints, Background Theme Music, BONUS Playlist, and a Cool-Down Playlists

  • Ride-a-Long to the Drills (Pre-Recorded Drill Videos): Some of the drills are in video format so you can watch or ride the drill for quick learning.

  • Complete Breakdown of Each Drill: You will find detailed choreography notes for every drill, the song, and the focus of the drill, along with gear and rpm ranges and coaching notes.

  • Certificate of Completion for the Course CEC's

Halloween Themed Workshop Registration

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1: Introduction to the Indoor Cycling Halloween Workshop

    • Introduction to the Workshop: Halloween Themes

    • Introduction to Halloween Video Drills

    • Welcome to the Halloween Indoor Cycling Workshop!

    • Lesson 1: The Meaning of Halloween: A Celebration of Multifaceted Experiences & Why It Matters with Your Cycling Classes

    • Lesson 2: Embrace Your Authentic Self: Unleash the Magic in Your Classes

    • Lesson 3: Benefits of Halloween Themed Indoor Cycling Classes

    • Lesson 4: Setting Up a Halloween Ride & Playlist

    • Lesson 5: Creating a Halloween-Themed Day: Celebrate Together

    • Lesson 6: Creating Creating Flow in Your Halloween Cycling Playlist: Balancing the Elements, Including Interval Drills

    • Lesson Planner Template

  • 2

    Section 2: Halloween Songs & Playlists

    • Section 2: Playlists - Welcome to the Halloween Indoor Cycling Playlist

    • Halloween Song Playlists for the Workshop - Please Note, I continue to add songs to this list :)

    • Halloween Mini Sprints Playlist

    • Halloween Interludes Playlist

    • Ebook Halloween Playlist

  • 3

    Section 3: Choreography Breakdown: Indoor Cycling Halloween (Drills 1-15)

    • Introduction to Section 2: Choreography Breakdown

    • Halloween Song Playlists for the Following Drills

    • Warm Up or Kick Off Song: Thriller by Mj & Steve Aoki - 5m 00s (TimerDrill)

    • Drill 1: Scream (Dana Remix) by Disco Phantom - 6m 26s (TimerDrill)

    • Drill 2: Bring Me to Life vs. Stranger Things Theme Mash Up by Rose Beat - 3m 34s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 3: Little Swing by Aron Chupa, Little Sis Nora - 2m 43s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 4: Twilight Zone by 2 Unlimited - 4m 06s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 5: Creepin' by CID - 3m 05s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 6: Heads Will Role - A Trak Remix by Yeah Yeah Yeah, A Track - 6m 23s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 7: Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore - 3m 26s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 8: Siren Song - Exolight, Suncatcher & Summer Davis- 7m 06s (Timer & Choreographed Drill) *For the Mermaid Lovers*

    • Drill 9: Calling All the Monsters by China Anne McClain- 3m 26s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 10: Superstition by Stevie Wonder- 4m 05s (Interactive Drill)

    • Drill 11: Thriller Megamix by Michael Jackson- 9m 13s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 12: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne- 4m 53s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 13: The Ghost by NIVIRO - 3m 07s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 14: Paris by Else - 3m 29s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 15: Candyman by Christina Aquilera - 3m14s (Timer Drill)

  • 4

    Section 4: Choreography Breakdown: Indoor Cycling Halloween (Drills 16-30)

    • Drill 16: Dracula by Sharon Needles - 3m 14s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 17: Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult- 5m08s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 18: ACDC Combo - 9m (Interactive Drill)

    • Drill 19: Ghost by KYANU, Neptunica - 2m 11s (Choreographed or Timer Drill)

    • Drill 20: Call Me on The Ouija Board - 3m 14s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 21: Magic by Emii -3m16s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 22: Bloody Mary Remix by Mazdem - 2m 58s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 23: Ghostbusters - 3m 59s (Interactive Drill)

    • Drill 24: Bones Remix by JAK3D - 3m 55s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 25: The Spook Returns by Artists KSHMR, B3nte, Badjack - 3m 09s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 26: Dragula by Rob Zombie - 3m 42s (Interactive)

    • Drill 27: Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps - 3m 06s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 28: Ghost by Tom Macdonald - 3m 27s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 29: Lose Your Soul - 4m 35s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 30: Skeletons by Brothers Osborne - 3m 39s (Choreographed Drill)

  • 5

    Section 5: Choreography Breakdown: Indoor Cycling Halloween (Drills 31-45)

    • Drill 30: Ghosts and Monsters - 2m 43s (Choreographed Drill) - Thanks Lisa for this song!

    • Drill 31: Vampire - 3m 39s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 32: Bones -Two Colors Remix by Imagine Dragons- 4m16s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 33: Howl-O-Ween by LVCRFT- 2m 28s (Choreographed or Timer Drill)

    • Drill 34: Wicked Ones by Dorthy - 2m 52s (Interactive Drill) *Pair with Drill 35*

    • Drill 35: Freak Show by Dead Posey - 3m 16s (Interactive Drill) *Pair with Drill 34*

    • Drill 36: Got To Give It Up - Part 1 by Marvin Gaye - 4m 15s (Timer/Interactve Drill)

    • Drill 37: The Abyss by Hardwell, Space 92- 7m 18s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 38: Out of the Circus - Killer Clowns - 3m 01s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 39: Frankenstein by Rina Sawayama - 3m 12s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 40: Friday the 13th by Disco Pantom - 3m 17s (Timer Drill)

    • Drill 41: Run Boy Run by Woodkid - 3m 33s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 42: Graveyard by Arizona - 3m 43s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 43: Warp 1.9 by The Bloody Beet Roots, Steve Aoki - 3m 43s (Choreographed Drill)

    • Drill 44: Freaks by Timmy Trumpet - 2m 49s (Interactive Jumps Drill)

    • Drill 45: If I Were the Devil by Colby Acuff - 4m 02s (Timer Drill)

  • 6

    Section 6: Drill 48-68: Choreography Breakdown: Indoor Cycling Halloween Drills from Pump Up Your Ride Halloween Edition! 22 Drills

    • 🎃 Halloween Pump Up Your Ride ebook

    • 🎃 Halloween Playlist

  • 7

    Section 7: Mini Themed Sprints Drills 69-75

  • 8

    Section 8: Drill Videos

    • The Ride-A-Long Section: Ride Along with Rachel

    • Introduction to Halloween Video Drills

    • Scream (Dance Remix) by Disco Phantom

    • Bring Me to Life vs. Stranger Things Mash Up by ROSE BEAT

    • Little Swing by AronChupa

    • Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore

    • Siren Song Remix Drill - Theme Idea

    • Team Jumping Drill: Freaks by Timmy Trumpets

    • Calling All the Monsters by China Anne Mc Clain

  • 9

    Thank You!

    • Thank You for Participating in the Halloween Cycling Workshop!

BONUS: The Halloween Ebook!

When You Purchase the Workshop Today, Get a Copy of the Halloween Ebook Too

In this eBook, you will find 22 drills and will discover how to create a fun Halloween Bash and receive an additional playlist with 41 Halloween songs suggestions to inspire you to create your own drills.

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Rachel Seay

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Rachel Seay

Rachel, a certified indoor cycling instructor with 25 years of experience, has trained over 2,500 instructors in Canada and worldwide. She has been educating in the field of indoor cycling since 2004. With a Kinesiology background from UBC and Langara College, Rachel has over 50,000 hours of group coaching experience and brings her passion for teaching indoor cycling and group fitness to all her workshops and certifications. Her approach emphasizes fun learning, and she offers abundant material for instructors to use in their classes. With 40,000+ followers worldwide, Rachel aims to help instructors save time through her ebooks and helps instructors create their own content. She is the go-to resource for ideas and support. Founder of Inner Fit Studios, Rachel holds certifications in Schwinn, Keiser, Kettlebells, Yoga, and more. She enjoys ATV riding, running, teaching, and quality time with family and friends.