Walk Away with An Abundance of Ideas, Drills, and Resources for Your Classes!

Welcome to our workshop, "The Art of Crafting Timer and Interval Drills," designed specifically for indoor cycling instructors aiming to take their classes to the next level. In this course, you'll learn how to create compelling and effective interval and timer-based cycling drills that will captivate your participants and enhance their fitness results. From understanding the basics of interval training to developing drills that improve endurance, speed, and strength, our experienced instructors will provide you with practical skills and insights. Whether you're new to teaching or looking to refresh your classes with new ideas, our workshop offers the tools and inspiration you need to keep your participants motivated and coming back for more. Sign up today to start creating unforgettable cycling experiences for your classes.

  • Drill Design: Learn how to create timer and interval drills that focus on cycling-specific sports performance to make your drills and classes stand out.

  • Magic of Music: Learn how to choose the right music for your timer drills. Understand how to match the tempo and beats of the music with your exercises to make your classes more dynamic and engaging.

  • Bring In More Riders with Combo and Athletic Cycling: Introduce Combo and Athletic Cycling to your classes, blending endurance, strength, and speed elements. This mix will attract more riders looking for diverse and challenging experiences.

  • Choreograph Timer Drills to Music: Use music as the timer in your interval drills, creating engaging, class format ideas, education, rhythm-synced workouts. This method transforms music from mere background to a key part of exercise timing and choreography, making classes more dynamic and enjoyable.

  • Walk Away With Abundance of Ideas and Resources: Finish the workshop with a collection of new drill ideas, music playlists, and the confidence to create exciting and unique indoor cycling classes.

  • Advanced Drill Design Techniques: Learn about the science behind advanced timer and interval drills. Combine these with fitness and performance training principles to create rhythm-based classes that are a step above the usual.

The Art of Crafting Timer & Interval Drills

Starts Sunday, April 7th, 2024

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7 Key Components Covered:

Harnessing the Synergy of Music, Timing, and Scientific Insights for Crafting Memorable Indoor Cycling Sessions. The art of drill creation becomes seamless with a structured approach. Segmenting our drill design into distinct categories not only simplifies the process but also sparks a fountain of creativity, leading to an endless array of dynamic and impactful cycling experiences.

  • Aerobic Endurance Drills: Learn how to design rides that enhance stamina and cardiovascular health.

  • Muscular Force Drills: Gain insights on crafting drills that build strength and power.

  • Speed Skills: Discover techniques to improve speed and efficiency in your classes.

  • Muscular Endurance Drills: Master the art of long-duration drills for superior endurance.

  • Anaerobic Endurance Drills: Create high-intensity, short-burst workouts for peak performance.

  • Muscular Power & HIIT Drills: Unlock the potential of explosive HIIT and Power in your cycling sessions.

  • Bonus - Taking the Components and Applying them to Combo Style Classes (Cycling & Weights)

Workshop is Recorded

As a busy fitness professional myself, I know when I take courses and workshops, I love to go back and learn, re-read, watch videos, and take the time to apply the skills. That is why my workshops are recorded and posted in your instructor dashboard once the workshop is completed for access for a long time after the workshop has ended. And for those who cannot attend LIVE online (highly recommend if you can) due to schedule or time zones, not to worry, all the content will be there.

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This Workshop Will Cover and Includes

Walk away with an abundance of drills, ideas, educational modules, and more!

  • 2 LIVE Online Workshops + Recordings

  • Ebook of Timer & Interval Drills

  • Course Manual (Ebook)

  • Recordings of Drills & Workshop Sessions

  • 10 Module Course + Bonus Content

  • Playlists for Ride-A-Long Drill Workshop

  • App for Easy Access of Course Content

  • Athletic & Combo Class Formats & How to Market this Style of Ride

  • Bonus Material + More!

  • 9 BCPRA & CFES Approved CEC Credits

Workshop Breakdown

Over four sessions, we'll cover everything from timer and interval drills to training principles and class design. This workshop is perfect for both experienced instructors and newcomers, aiming to enhance your teaching skills and deepen your understanding of class dynamics. Session times set to Pacific Standard Time (PST) Let's take a look at what each session offers (all sessions are recorded):

  • "Session 1: Sunday, April 7, from 9 AM to 12 PM, LIVE Online. Classroom Workshop: Here, we will cover the educational content of timer and interval drills, training principles, drill and class design, and more. This session aims to provide a solid foundation for effectively implementing these techniques in your classes. It will also leave you with the confidence to craft your own ideas into drills." *Will be recorded*

  • "Session 2: Sunday, April 14, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM: Review of Content from Session 1, and Introduction to the Pre-Recorded Ride-Along Session. This session will provide a comprehensive overview and set the stage for the hands-on experiences to follow." *Will be recorded*

  • "Session 3: Sunday, April 14, from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM, Pre-Recorded Online: 'Ride-Along Drill Session' for an immersive learning experience. We will take what we learned and bring them to life by experience what the drills feel like to ride. Attendees will be given access to the pre-recorded ride-along videos, allowing them to immerse themselves in the drills and the different styles we have covered in preparation for the final session. Choose to watch and take notes, or participate in the ride-along drills and get your sweat on." *Will be recorded*

  • "Session 4: Sunday, April 14, from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM, LIVE Online. We will come back together to cover 'How to Build & Create an Athletic-Based Indoor Cycling Style Class,' 'How to Create Combo Classes Using Interval & Timer Drills,' and conclude the workshop with a Q&A session." *Will be recorded*

  • The goal is to combine the classroom and education components with a ride experience. It's one thing to learn the content, but we need to see and experience how the drills feel and how we can incorporate them into our classes. By dedicating time to learn, we will embrace the new skills being taught and will feel confident to teach drills right away!

Building Playlists

Learning the science behind creating drills is one thing, but the workshop needs to be applicable too. We will take the drills we have learned and create playlists that flow and learn how to choose songs that work together with the timer drills. This will be an interactive experience. Bring your top 10 favourite songs to the workshop and let's use them to create drills with and then share with the group. We have a large number of attendees, so this will not only bring a bonus value to the course, but you will walk away with an abundance of song and drill ideas too!

About Rachel Seay

Your Workshop Presenter

Rachel has been a Group Fitness Leader and Certified Spin and Indoor Cycling Instructor since 1999. She has dedicated her career to helping instructors find their confidence in creating classes they love to teach through drills, creating choreography, courses, and workshops. Her education comes from Langara College in Recreation Programming, and the University of British Columbia in Kinesiology (Exercise Science/Human Kinetics). With over 50,000+ Hours of Coaching Experience and the Owner of Inner Fit Studios since 2007, she comes full of passion for an industry she loves. She has published multiple instructor resources, has certified over 2500 instructors across Canada and internationally in Indoor Cycling, and was nominated for Trainer of the Year in 2022 and 2024 by Impact Magazine. She has been presenting and hosting big and small workshops since 2004 with well known presenters like Krista Popowych, Chad Benson, Geoff Bagshaw, the late Sharon Mann, Carmen Bott and many other well respected industry professionals. She began her Indoor Cycling business in 2004 called Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas. Her soul purpose is to make learning fun and bring instructors from all over the world together. Her cycling certifications include: Schwinn, Reebok, Les Mills, Spin, ICC, Power Pacing, and Keiser. She believes in taking a well rounded approach to teaching indoor cycling and combines all the benefits of the major organizations to create safe, fun, and effective indoor cycling classes. Join Rachel as she leads you through this workshop in a low-key friendly setting online. She always says, "I am a fitness instructor at heart first, before an educator. I love every second of teaching spinning classes 25 years later." You will still find her teaching 16-20 classes a week up in Richmond, BC, Canada.


Breanna Graham

BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, ICC Certified Cycling Instructor, Cloverdale, BC

Loved Rachel’s indoor cycling course! She is an amazing educator and breaks the course down so it’s understandable but also provides opportunity to practice along with tools to create an energizing, fun class of my own. So happy I had the opportunity and I continue to learn from this amazing lady!

Deborah Ramsey

BCRPA certified Personal Trainer, 3rd Age, Yogafitness Instructor

“As a fitness professional, I am always upgrading my skills and knowledge with numerous courses. By far, Rachel’s spin instructor course was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken because she makes so much valuable information and support available to her participants. Her knowledge and experience in spin instruction is vast and she shares it in a relaxed, fun, and professional manner. Rachel’s course resources are extensive and really help anyone interested in teaching fabulous spin classes."


Cedar City Utah. Certified Spinning Instructor

"I have learned so much from your material and I cannot say thank you enough for being so humble and kind to share your knowledge with me. I have purchased all of your teaching manuals and I cannot get enough. Keep them coming! Knowledge is power and the value that you have put into those manuals is worth way more than you are charging. :) I’m inspired by your dedication to your own classes as well as other instructors. Thank you so much!"

Corell Schilp

Indoor Cycling Instructor, St. Charles, Missouri, USA

"Thank you Rachel for a fun and informative workshop! You have an infectious energy and I appreciate the new ideas you shared with us. Look forward to incorporating it into my classes. Thanks again!"

Tammy (ChiaMing) Yu

BCRPA certified fitness leader, weight training instructor, personal trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rachel is an energetic and very fun instructor. The seven hours indoor cycling instructor course never boring even when we were on the bikes and our legs were so sore but we were still laughing. learned lots of ideas lots of information and gat lots of confidence. I will strongly recommend Rachel's course to anyone, thank you and I will always keep learning!!

Christine Woodington

BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader, Richmond, BC, Canada

"I 100% highly recommend Rachel's workshops and courses. I recently completed her Indoor Cycling Certification. It was a jam-packed course that covered history, safety, coaching and planning. After completing the course, it gave me the confidence I needed to plan a well-thought-out and safe class. There were so many example drills, and tips, that I still refer back to the course materials on days when I need some inspiration, and I always find a golden nugget of knowledge that she taught us to get the creative juices flowing again."

Tania Sibley

BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, ICC Certified Cycling Instructor, Delta, BC

"What an awesome resource with a wealth of ideas and fundamental principles of spinning clearly explained. This is an invaluable tool for my teaching, having used many of the drills in this book already and received rave reviews from my participants. As a fitness professional, I cannot recommend this download enough for new/aspiring instructors to current instructors wanting to look for fresh new ideas."

Conner Sudbury

BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, Ladner BC

“I loved Rachel’s Indoor Cycling Certification Course. I heard about her from references at my local gym and participating in her class was a great experience hands down. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Awesome teacher!”

Gerry Greschner

"Great workshop with Rachel! Excellent explanation and demonstration of the different drills and fabulous playlist to go along with it. Highly recommend a workshop if you can or purchase the e-books with the music and drill suggestions an out0standing resource for instructors looking for new ideas"

Testimonial: Ginny Dunhill, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ginny Dunhill, BCRPA Group Fitness, BCFIT Board Member, BCRPA Admin Team

"Though I have done indoor cycling courses in the past, I've always felt like an imposter instructor, never really feeling I had what it takes to teach a class. It wasn't until I did Rachel's training that I felt confident in my teaching abilities and ready to lead an indoor cycling class without a doubt in my mind. Rachel brings a wealth of experience, both in indoor cycling and in the fitness industry herself, and she weaves this knowledge throughout her teaching. Furthermore, she is accessible, fun, and genuinely wants her students to succeed. I believe a great instructor is one who cares about her industry as well as her students, and in preparing her students for their careers prepares them to help the industry become stronger and better. Rachel does just that. I recommend her course to anyone looking to further their indoor cycling capabilities, be they seasoned instructors or first-timers to the fitness industry. Thank you, Rachel!"

Trends in Cycling 2024: Longevity, Low Impact Training, and Cycling & Strength Combo Training

Walk Away with New Cycling Class Formats for Your Studios

While rhythmic dance style classes where popular in indoor cycling scene for quite some time, we are now seeing a new trend centred around strength, longevity, and low impact training. Indoor cycling bikes give us the ability to create low impact workouts with the element of high intensity training - in combination with strength, core, and mobility workouts. These styles of combo classes become more athletic based and having the ability to use timer and interval drills can really take this training to the next level for all levels of fitness. Whether you have new people to classes or weekend warriors, they will all appreciate a longevity approach to training. We will cover this in detail in the workshop. This will create a new way to market and fill your classes and add something new to your schedules. Walk away wtih class formats, class designs, and drills for these styles of workouts along with playlists and more!

Testimonial: Jennifer H, NY

Certified Spin Instructor, Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach

"The Art of Creating Indoor Cycling Drills & Playlists was a fabulous course. Rachel is truly dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable. She is, most importantly, a super fun leader! I absolutely loved the entire course. There was so much application material that went beyond a ‘level one' instructor certification course while providing a super energetic and safe place to experiment online. I absolutely loved the optional peer review of our recorded homework assignments. I enjoyed seeing the creativity and different teaching styles of my peers. I also now enjoy other music genres to use while instructing which is important. I made some great connections with people all over the world! We are going to continue staying in touch and build an even larger collaborative music library together. Rachel takes the grit of composing a ride and breaks it down into a pattern that you will be able to use, saving hours of time. I am excited to plan classes that are efficient, planned and purposeful which will keep my attendance and retention rates higher. Gift yourself this unique opportunity. You will not regret it, especially as a new instructor, or an instructor returning from a long hiatus to get your mojo back. Go for it!"

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Prices in Canadian and Include Taxes.

Approved for 9 BCRPA & 9 CFES Credits

CEC's & Your Organizations

A Quick Note from Rachel: Hello Everyone! How amazing is it that we come together from around the world, thanks to online learning. However, that means, we have an abundance of organizations and raises questions about CEC's. 

I have been associated with the BCRPA (British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association/BC Fitness Registry) since the beginning of my career back in 1999. The organization itself was established in 1958, focusing on providing leadership, training, support to individuals and organizations in the fields of recreation, fitness, and parks. I choose to continue my affiliation with them and always seek course and workshop approval to provide quality education to my workshop and course participants. I am also associated with the CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services) who work hard to also provide top notch education and the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) for my strength coaching certs. 

Both the BCRPA and CFES are recognized across Canada and are designed to meet national and international standards which ensures that fitness professional certified through either are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competence to lead group fitness, personal train, and keep populations safe while achieving their fitness goals. I am sharing this so you know that education is my concern when teaching any courses or skills workshops, I just try to make it fun!

However, this does not help you if you are from another organization and I acknowledge that. But in saying that, I have been able to help gain CEC's from multiple associations by providing a form that you can submit. The form is available upon course completion and will be accompanied by your workshop completion certificate. While there are no guarantees, as a little guy, I cannot apply to all the organizations. But in the future, this is something I am working on. 

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