Fresh Cycling Drills & Playlists Monthly!

Join the brand new instructor's club created by educator and fitness presenter, Rachel Seay. This is a fun way to add more indoor cycling drills and new music to your classes each month. The Instructor’s Club is a global indoor cycling instructor community where indoor cycling instructors can come together with our monthly Online Pre-Recorded Drill Workshops. It's also a fun way to connect instructors from around the world together. Each month Rachel will deliver new ready-to-go content for your classes, new music and playlists, downloadable drills, educational seminars, spin & strength class downloads, on-demand videos, and more! We are excited to see the program grow and invite you to join us! Whether you are brand new to teaching, thinking about teaching, or a season professional - we would love to have you take part! And for a limited time, the exclusive monthly membership at only $15 Canadian a month including taxes. By signing up today, you lock in your monthly price. This introductory price will be going up shortly so lock in today (but don't worry there are no contracts) and join the fun! What's Included?

  • Monthly Pre-Recorded Drills Workshop with 15 New Drills a Month

  • New Choreographed, Timer, and Interactive Drills

  • Fresh Songs & Playlists Monthly

  • Drill Breakdown from Workshop

  • Educational Content Pre-Recorded Workshop Series

  • Spin & Strength Combo Class Ideas

  • Online Community Facebook Group

  • Resources & Tools for Instructors

  • Everything in One Easy to Use Online Dashboard!

  • Special Promotions and Discounts on Courses and Workshops

A Message from Rachel

Creator of Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas


  • Fresh Music & Playlists

    Each month you will receive a fresh new playlist with songs from the LIVE online workshop. We will continue to add to our music library for easily accessible music ideas.

  • Pre-Recorded Online Drills

    Each month Rachel will share 15 new drills which are pre-recorded. You can ride along or follow the drill notes to ideas to your classes right away. It will be a combination of choreographed, interval, timer, and interactive drills.

  • Online Dashboard

    You will have access to your online dashboard where everything is kept in one place. As long as you are a member, you have access to all the content. Rachel loves to add bonus content so keep an eye out for bonus features.

About Rachel Seay

BCRPA Certified Fitness Leader & Educator and Creator of Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas to Go!

Rachel has been providing courses, workshops, eBooks, and content for indoor cycling instructors since 2004. What began as a teaching side gig in the late 90s, turned into a full-time career.

For the last 25 years, Rachel has been sharing music, drills, class ideas, educational content, and certifying fitness professionals.  Her cycling ebooks, workshops, and course have been sold all over to tens of thousands of instructors. Her intention is to help instructors create content for their classes and connect instructors from all over the world together. 

When she isn't teaching fitness or running her studio, you can find Rachel running or hiking trails, creating choreography, adventuring on her ATV, or spending time with her family and friends. 

Rachel comes to you with a passion for helping instructors by providing resources and content for their classes. Creating the Instructor's Club has been a long time goal so instructors have access to a platform full of fresh ideas, drills, and music.

Indoor Cycling & Strength Combo Class Bonus

Easily Download Fresh Combo Class Formats

Each month, Rachel will release a variety of combo class formats for your classes included in the instructor's club. The workouts will be easy to download in PDF formats that you can save to your devices or print copies. We all know that indoor cycling and strength training have many benefits, so why not teach combo formats? This is a fun way to add variety to your classes that your riders will enjoy.

Testimonial: Jennifer H, NY

Certified Spin Instructor, Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach

"The Art of Creating Indoor Cycling Drills & Playlists was a fabulous course. Rachel is truly dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable. She is, most importantly, a super fun leader! I absolutely loved the entire course. There was so much application material that went beyond a ‘level one' instructor certification course while providing a super energetic and safe place to experiment online. I absolutely loved the optional peer review of our recorded homework assignments. I enjoyed seeing the creativity and different teaching styles of my peers. I also now enjoy other music genres to use while instructing which is important. I made some great connections with people all over the world! We are going to continue staying in touch and build an even larger collaborative music library together. Rachel takes the grit of composing a ride and breaks it down into a pattern that you will be able to use, saving hours of time. I am excited to plan classes that are efficient, planned and purposeful which will keep my attendance and retention rates higher. Gift yourself this unique opportunity. You will not regret it, especially as a new instructor, or an instructor returning from a long hiatus to get your mojo back. Go for it!"

Testimonial: Amanda

Certified Spin Instructor, Cedar City Utah

"I have learned so much from your material and I cannot say thank you enough for being so humble and kind to share your knowledge with me. I have purchased all of your teaching manuals and I cannot get enough. Keep them coming! Knowledge is power and the value that you have put into those manuals is worth way more than you are charging. :) I’m inspired by your dedication to your own classes as well as other instructors. Thank you so much!"

Testimonial: Ginny Dunhill

Ginny Dunhill, BCRPA Group Fitness, BCFIT Board Member, BCRPA Admin Team

"Though I have done indoor cycling courses in the past, I've always felt like an imposter instructor, never really feeling I had what it takes to teach a class. It wasn't until I did Rachel's training that I felt confident in my teaching abilities and ready to lead an indoor cycling class without a doubt in my mind. Rachel brings a wealth of experience, both in indoor cycling and in the fitness industry herself, and she weaves this knowledge throughout her teaching. Furthermore, she is accessible, fun, and genuinely wants her students to succeed. I believe a great instructor is one who cares about her industry as well as her students, and in preparing her students for their careers prepares them to help the industry become stronger and better. Rachel does just that. I recommend her course to anyone looking to further their indoor cycling capabilities, be they seasoned instructors or first-timers to the fitness industry. Thank you, Rachel!"

Vanessa's Workshop Experience

Testimonial: Breanna

Certified Cycling Instructor, BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, Canada.

"Loved Rachel’s indoor cycling drills! She is an amazing educator and breaks the course drills so it’s understandable but also provides an opportunity to practice along with tools to create an energizing, fun class of my own. So happy I had the opportunity and I continue to learn from this amazing lady!"

Exclusive Instructor Community

Connect online with instructors from around the world on our private access community dashboard. Share ideas, ask questions, share teaching tips and more!

Jan's Workshop Experience

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Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas cares about its instructors. Rachel's mission is to build a platform where instructors have access to great content that makes finding resources and ideas for teaching cycling easy!

  • What is your policy on cancellations?

    We do not believe in locking people into contracts. We want instructors to be excited to be part of the community and see the value. There is no obligation, you can cancel anytime.

  • If I cancel, what happens to my membership price?

    The rate you sign up with is your rate as long as you continue your subscription. We are very transparent :) If you joined at the introductory pricing, canceled and then wanted to re-joined, it would be at whatever the current price is. The price is locked as long as you are subscribed as part of our loyalty promise.

  • Can I join if I am not a certified instructor?

    Yes, of course. We invite anyone who is thinking about becoming an instructor to join as it is a great wealth of content to have starting your fitness career (something I wish I had 25 years ago).

  • Can I receive CEC's for the Monthly Online Workshops?

    Absolutely. However, one thing we are transparent about is Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas is a Canadian organization. There are hundreds of organizations from around the world and we simply cannot keep up. However, we will provide you monthly with your 2 CEC's (BCRPA & CFES) and you are welcome to submit them to your organization.

  • Will the Online Workshops be recorded?

    You bet! We know being a global community means varying time zones. That is why all the content we create LIVE will be recorded and placed in your dashboard.

  • How do I access my instructor dashboard?

    It's easy! Simply save this website into your tablet, phone, or computer. Once you are registered, you can "sign in" and access your content anytime.

  • What happens to my content in the instructor dashboard if I cancel?

    You will lose all the content in the dashboard because once you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the program.

  • How do I contact Rachel?

    Rachel is happy to help you anytime, she can be reached via email at

  • How often is content added?

    One thing you will learn quickly about Rachel is she loves to share content. She will be delivering content weekly so you simply login to your dashboard and you will see what is new.