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Carolyn's Workshop Experience

"There is a real person behind this course, supporting you and encouraging you"

The Art of Creating Indoor Cycling Drills, Cueing, and Designing Playlists

Online Instructor Workshop 16 BCRPA Credits

The Art of Creating Indoor Cycling Drills and Playlists is both an online go-at-your-own-pace Workshop with an ONLINE LIVE Ride via Zoom. 

The focus is to help instructors walk away with the confidence to lead classes, create drills, cue with confidence, build playlists, and discover new music for classes.

You'll walk away with over 300 indoor cycling drills and songs and 16 CECs for your educational renewal.

The goal of this workshop is to create a fun and interactive space for learning at your own pace. 

This workshop is perfect for those who are new to teaching cycling, those who are thinking about teaching, those who struggle with the confidence to teach classes, and long-time instructors who are looking for more ideas for their classes.

About the Workshop:

The 6-week interactive online course begins Tuesday, March 22nd with an introduction LIVE session. The workshop is broken down into 5 modules to allow for easy learning that will be released weekly. You will have access to all the videos, slide show presentations, and recordings in one place in your dashboard. 

The LIVE Online Ride will take place at the end of the workshop. We will have the chance to RIDE together online, and you will get to learn more drills, put the modules to work, and connect with other instructors. 

Here’s What We’ll Focus on with this Workshop:

  • 3 Styles of Learning to Captivate Your Riders through Cueing
  • The Art of Cueing to Music with Drills
  • Choreographed Drills
  • Interactive Drills
  • Timer/Interval Drills
  • Adventure Drills and Ride Profiles
  • Breakdown the Triangle Formula for Creating Drills
  • RPM: Speed and Endurance Drills
  • GEARS: Strength, Jumping, Power and Climbing Drills
  • Song Selection
  • How to Create Playlists
  • How to Improve Instructor Confidence
  • How to Connect with Your Riders
  • and so much more ...

At the end of the workshop, each instructor will receive their certificate of completion along with the 16 BCRPA, CFES, Continuing Education Credits.

As a special bonus, I have created an exclusive Facebook Group for all delegates enrolled in the workshop to connect, share, and learn from each other

PLUS, each delegate receives the Ultimate Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas eBook Bundle with over 300 Indoor Cycling Drills and songs as part of your registration to leave you with an abundance of ideas at the end of this workshop (Valued at $179). 

Finally, I have created bonus material to help you stay on track and follow throughout the workshop, so you walk away excited to teach your next class!

We hope you join us!

Testimonial: Jennifer H, NY

Certified Spin Instructor, Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach

"The Art of Creating Indoor Cycling Drills & Playlists was a fabulous course. Rachel is truly dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable. She is, most importantly, a super fun leader! I absolutely loved the entire course. There was so much application material that went beyond a ‘level one' instructor certification course while providing a super energetic and safe place to experiment online. I absolutely loved the optional peer review of our recorded homework assignments. I enjoyed seeing the creativity and different teaching styles of my peers. I also now enjoy other music genres to use while instructing which is important. I made some great connections with people all over the world! We are going to continue staying in touch and build an even larger collaborative music library together. Rachel takes the grit of composing a ride and breaks it down into a pattern that you will be able to use, saving hours of time. I am excited to plan classes that are efficient, planned and purposeful which will keep my attendance and retention rates higher. Gift yourself this unique opportunity. You will not regret it, especially as a new instructor, or an instructor returning from a long hiatus to get your mojo back. Go for it!"

Breakdown of Workshop

Each module focuses on specifics components of creating an indoor cycling experience as an instructor. The modules will be released weekly for an engaging learning experience. You will get to work with instructors from around the world and share your ideas and assignments in a supportive learning environment. All the modules will be available to watch at your convenience. Weekly discussion session will also be available for those who would like to connect live and walk through the modules together. In the LIVE Ride portion of the workshop, we will be taking the skills learned in the module and riding together. The LIVE portion will be recorded and available to view later on.

  • Module 1: The Art of Cueing & Leading a Cycling Class: The intention behind Module 1 is an introduction to the workshop, to bridging the Art of Cueing and 3 Styles of Learning (Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual), and to cover the Indoor Cycling Riding Positions, along with riding safe techniques.

  • Module 2: The Art of Music in Indoor Cycling Classes: There is a wide range of variables to consider with music from tempo, revolutions per minute, beats per minute, the genre of music we chose, duration, beat drops, beat kick-ins, and how well the song matches the drills. In this module, we will bridge the gap between beats per minute and revolutions per minute, how to cue to inspire and energize using music. And finally, teach an easy-to-use method for creating indoor cycling drills with a purpose that is safe and inspires instructors.

  • Module 3: The Magic of Interval Based Drills in Indoor Cycling: Module 3 eliminates the stress of teaching by utilizing the Triangle of Interval training, which includes (Strength, Endurance, Speed, Power, Strength Endurance, Speed Endurance). Understanding the difference in each category will change the way instructors approach creating drills and save you hours of class prep time.

  • Module 4: Four Styles of Drills for a Rider’s Experience: The intention behind Module 4 is for instructors to understand the difference in styles of indoor cycling drills and their impact on a class. We will go through Choreographed Based Drills, Interactive Based Drills, Timer Based Drills, and Ride Profiles as each serves a purpose in the Rider’s experience and safety with class planning.

  • Module 5: The Art of an Indoor Cycling Experience through playlists: The intention behind Module 5 is to bring together the past 4 modules in order to give students the confidence to create their own playlists and drills with purpose and to understand why the rider’s experience is as important as the science behind the drills.

  • LIVE Ride Online Workshop Day: Our final session will be a LIVE Ride Workshop. We will ride through a series of timer, choreographed, interactive, and adventure drills together.


BCRPA Fitness Educator and Presenter

Rachel Seay

Rachel, a certified indoor cycling instructor with 25 years of experience, has trained over 2,500 instructors in Canada and worldwide. She has been educating in the field of indoor cycling since 2004. With a Kinesiology background from UBC and Langara College, Rachel has over 50,000 hours of group coaching experience and brings her passion for teaching indoor cycling and group fitness to all her workshops and certifications. Her approach emphasizes fun learning, and she offers abundant material for instructors to use in their classes. With 40,000+ followers worldwide, Rachel aims to help instructors save time through her ebooks and helps instructors create their own content. She is the go-to resource for ideas and support. Founder of Inner Fit Studios, Rachel holds certifications in Schwinn, Keiser, Kettlebells, Yoga, and more. She enjoys ATV riding, running, teaching, and quality time with family and friends.

LIVE Weekly Discussion Sessions

Connect and Learn the Modules Together

Each week Rachel will be offering a 45-minute live online session where she will review the content of the upcoming module, share what's coming up, and help instructors with any topics they have questions about. *Sessions are recorded*

Testimonial: Ginny Dunhill

Ginny Dunhill, BCRPA Group Fitness, BCFIT Board Member, BCRPA Admin Team

"Though I have done indoor cycling courses in the past, I've always felt like an imposter instructor, never really feeling I had what it takes to teach a class. It wasn't until I did Rachel's training that I felt confident in my teaching abilities and ready to lead an indoor cycling class without a doubt in my mind. Rachel brings a wealth of experience, both in indoor cycling and in the fitness industry herself, and she weaves this knowledge throughout her teaching. Furthermore, she is accessible, fun, and genuinely wants her students to succeed. I believe a great instructor is one who cares about her industry as well as her students, and in preparing her students for their careers prepares them to help the industry become stronger and better. Rachel does just that. I recommend her course to anyone looking to further their indoor cycling capabilities, be they seasoned instructors or first-timers to the fitness industry. Thank you, Rachel!"

Workshop Pricing

$199 Taxes Included

Watch Intro Video

Curious About the Workshop?

Testimonial: Amanda

Certified Spin Instructor, Cedar City Utah

"I have learned so much from your material and I cannot say thank you enough for being so humble and kind to share your knowledge with me. I have purchased all of your teaching manuals and I cannot get enough. Keep them coming! Knowledge is power and the value that you have put into those manuals is worth way more than you are charging. :) I’m inspired by your dedication to your own classes as well as other instructors. Thank you so much!"

Workshop Curriculum

The Workshop is broken down into 5 modules

  • 1

    Workshop Introduction

  • 2

    Workshop Schedule & Breakdown

    • Workshop Week by Week Schedule - Updated

  • 3

    Intro Session Tuesday March 22nd 1130am

    • Intro Session: Tuesday March 22nd at 11:30 am PST: Zoom Link

    • 🟡 Pre-Recorded: Day 1 Workshop Session (Introduction to the Workshop & You, the Coach) March 22, 2022

    • 🟡 Zoom Recording of Intro Session from March 22, 2022 - FREE Preview

    • PDF of Keynote/PowerPoint Intro Session (Download)

    • Assignment # 1 - March 22, 2022

    • Evaluation Form: Filming Exercise: Instructor Self Evaluation Teaching a Drill

    • Instructor Self Evaluation Filming Exercise Upload

    • ✔️ Filming Yourself Reflection

  • 4

    💡LIVE Weekly Discussion Links & Recordings

    • About the Weekly Live Online Discussion Sessions

    • 💻 Live Session Zoom Link : Saturday April 9th at 12pm PST

    • 🟡 RECORDING #1 - Module 1 - The Art of Cueing & Learning Styles (Saturday April 2 at 12pm PST)

    • 🟡 RECORDING #2 - Module 1 (Part 2)- The Art of Cueing & Learning Styles (Saturday April 2 at 12pm PST)

    • 🟡 Recording # 3 - LIVE Q & A Session Tuesday, May 10

    • Live Link May 14, 12pm PST

    • 🟡 Recording # 4 - LIVE Q & A Session Saturday May 14

    • Recording - June 22, 2022 LIVE Discussion Module 4

  • 5

    Module 1 - The Art of Cueing and Learning Styles

    • Learning Objectives

    • 🟡 Module 1: Intro Video

    • 🟡 Module 1: Part 1 - Ingredients for a Transformative Class Experience Through Your Cues

    • 🟡 Module 1: Part 2 - How Your Rider's Receive Cues through the 4 Learning Styles of Riders

    • 🟦 Assignment 1 - Give an example of a cue for each kind of learner

    • 🟡 Module 1: Part 3 - Developing Your Cueing Style through Building Your Cueing Skill Sets

    • 🟦 Assignment 2: The What, How, Why Class Preparation Worksheet

    • 🟦 Assignment 3 - Given an example of a cue for each Category of Cues

    • 🖨️ Worksheet - Cueing Template (Categories of Cues)

    • 🖨️ Worksheet - Cueing Template (Types and Styles of Cueing)

    • 🟡 Module 1: Part 4 - Cueing Road Map - What Your Riders Know, Believe, Feel and Do with Your Cues

    • 🟡 Module 1: Part 5 - Cueing Tips

    • 🟡 Module 1: Part 6 - Cueing and Music

    • Spotify Playlist - Module 1 Cueing Assignment

    • Student Assignment - Cueing Placement Worksheet

    • ⚡ KEYNOTE Module 1 Handouts/Notes - The Art of Cueing

    • Conclusion of Module 1 - Quick Student Questionnaire

  • 6

    Module 2: The Art of Music in Indoor Cycling Classes

    • Learning Objectives

    • 🟡 Part 1 - Introduction and Categorizing Songs

    • Exercise 1 - The Art of Music: Building Your Song Library in a Collaborative Way!

    • 🟡 Part 2 - How Our Brain's Receive Music

    • 🟡 Part 3- Music Considerations

    • 🟡 Part 4 and 5 - 32 Count, Tempo, BPM, RPM, and Cueing Activity

    • Scientific American Art of Music Article

    • Riding Position Cheat Sheet

    • Cueing Position Activity Sheet

    • 🟦 Submit Your Video (Optional)

    • ⚡ KEYNOTE Module 2 The Art of Music

  • 7

    Module 3: The Drill Triangle - How to Create Endurance, Strength, Speed, and Power Drills

    • Learning Objectives

    • Module 3 Introduction

    • Part 1 - The Art of Creating Interval Drills

    • Part 2: The Triangle of Drills - Endurance, Speed, Strength

    • Module 3 Spotify Playlist

    • Triangle Drill Assignment - Create a Drill Using on of the Elements of the Drill Triangle

    • Submit Drill Assignment (Optional)

    • ⚡KEYNOTE Module 3

  • 8

    Module 4: The 6 Styles of Drills: How to Create Choreographed, Interactive, and Timer Based Drills

    • Learning Objectives

    • 🖥️ Part 1: Introduction and Choreographed Based Drills Recording

    • 🖨️ Handout: Create a Choreography Drill Activity Sheet

    • Submit Choreography Drill (Optional)

    • 🖨️ Keynote Handouts PDF: Part 1: Introduction and Choreographed Based Drills

    • 🖥️ Part 2: Interactive Based Drills Recording

    • 🖨️ Handout PDF: Part 2 Interactive Based Drills Activity Sheet

    • 🖨️ Keynote Handout PDF: Part 2 Interactive Based Drills

    • 🖥️ Part 3: Timer Based Drills Recording

    • 🖨️Handout: Create a Timer Based Drill Activity Sheet

    • 🖨️ Keynote Handout PDF: Part 3 Timer Based Drills

    • 🖥️ Part 4: Riding Profile Drills Recording

    • 🖨️ Handout: Create a Riding Profile Activity Sheet # 1 (Part 4)

    • 🖨️ Handout: Create a Riding Profile Activity Sheet # 2 (Part 4)

    • 🖥️ Part 5: Adventure Riding Drills

    • 🎵 Ironman Spotify Playlist - Adventure Ride Music

    • 🖥️ Part 6: Theme Rides

    • 🖨️ Handout: Create a Theme Ride Class(Part 6)

    • ⚡ KEY NOTE for Module 4

  • 9

    🆕 LIVE RIDE Workshop Links - Sunday June 26, (12pm-330pm) PST

    • About the LIVE Online Ride via Zoom - Sunday, June 12, 2022

    • LIVE Ride Zoom Link (Session 1) 12:00pm-1:00pm (Pacific Standard Time)

    • LIVE Ride Zoom Link (Session 2) 1:15pm-2:15pm (Pacific Standard Time)

    • LIVE Ride Zoom Link (Session 3) 2:30pm-3:30pm (Pacific Standard Time)

    • 🖨️ Workshop Drill Workbook

  • 10

    Module 5: How to Create Playlists that Captivate Your Riders

    • Module 5 - Learning Objectives

    • 🖥️ Module 5 Part 1 - The Art of Creating a Playlist Experience

    • 🖥️ Module 5 Part 2 - Building a Playlist

  • 11

    Drill Cycling Ebooks

    • Introduction

    • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 1

  • 12

    The LIVE Ride Workshop

    • About the LIVE Online Ride via Zoom

  • 13

    🖥️ LIVE Workshop Recordings

    • 🖥️ Session 1: Choreographed Drills (12-pm Session)

    • 🖨️ PDF Session 1: Choreography Drill Notes

    • Session 2: Timer/Interval Drills (1:15-2:15pm Session)

    • 🖨️ PDF Session 2: Timer Drills Workshop Notes

    • Session 3: Interactive Drills (2:30pm - 330pm Session)

    • 🖨️ PDF Session 3: Timer Drills Workshop Notes

  • 14

    LIVE Workshop SPOTIFY Playlists

    • 🎵 Playlist for Workshop Session # 1

    • 🎵 Playlist for Workshop Session # 2

    • 🎵 Playlist for Workshop Session # 3

    • 🎶 LINKS for Playlists

    • Photos of the Playlists : )

  • 15

    Final Assignment

    • Final Student Assignment (Required Prior to Certificate)

    • Thank You and Course Certificate

    • If you would like to leave a testimonial, it would be greatly appreciated.

Your Online Dashboard

Easily Access all the Workshop Content in One Place

"One of the features about the online workshop that I am excited about for the instructors is the platform we are using. The online dashboard keeps all the content in one easy-to-access space that you will have access to long after the workshop is over. All of my online workshops will now be using this platform, so any workshops you take with me, you can review anytime from anywhere." Rachel Seay

Workshop Pricing

$199 Includes Tax

Vanessa's Workshop Experience

Bonus (Value $179)

You'll Receive The Ultimate Ebook Bundle

This workshop will leave you with over 300+ cycling drills, ideas, playlists, cueing techniques, and the confidence to create your own drills.

Testimonial: Breanna G

Certified Cycling Instructor, BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, Canada.

"Loved Rachel’s indoor cycling course! She is an amazing educator and breaks the course down so it’s understandable but also provides an opportunity to practice along with tools to create an energizing, fun class of my own. So happy I had the opportunity and I continue to learn from this amazing lady!"

Jan's Workshop Experience


  • What if I don't have a bike at home?

    You can join in LIVE with or without a bike. We suggest once you have completed the course to take what you have learned and practice each week on a bike.

  • What if I am with another organization?

    With so many organizations worldwide, it is challenging to get CEC's for every organization. Our CEC's are approved by our Canadian Fitness Authority, however, we will be providing your forms you can petition to your organization for CEC approval. Please note, we cannot guarantee all organizations will grant the CEC's but we are happy to help you with the process. If your organization does not accept the CEC's, you are still welcome to take this as an educationalal workshop which will provide value to your classes.

  • What if I cannot attend the LIVE sessions?

    All the LIVE sessions will be recorded via zoom and added to your dashboard within 24 hours.

  • What is I am not a certified cycling instructor?

    We all start somewhere. This course would be an excellent source of information and foundation as you enter into the industry and you are welcome to participate. You will be leaps and bounds ahead of new people in your certifying program. We do highly recommend completing your governing cert. prior to leading your first class.

Need Cycling Drills and Inspiration?

Look no further because this workshop is 'idea-centred' created by a 20 year veteran who certifies cycling instructor. Whether you are new to teaching, thinking about getting certified, or a seasoned professional, we've got you covered. You'll walk away with content you can use.

  • Formulas for creating your own kickass playlists

  • The ability to easily create your own drills

  • Tips and tools to save you time prepping

  • Increased confidence leading your classes

  • Over 300 drills to access

  • 16 BCRPA, 16 CFES Credits

Module 1 Starts April 2nd

Register Today!


Breanna Graham

BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, ICC Certified Cycling Instructor, Cloverdale, BC

Loved Rachel’s indoor cycling course! She is an amazing educator and breaks the course down so it’s understandable but also provides opportunity to practice along with tools to create an energizing, fun class of my own. So happy I had the opportunity and I continue to learn from this amazing lady!

Deborah Ramsey

BCRPA certified Personal Trainer, 3rd Age, Yogafitness Instructor

“As a fitness professional, I am always upgrading my skills and knowledge with numerous courses. By far, Rachel’s spin instructor course was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken because she makes so much valuable information and support available to her participants. Her knowledge and experience in spin instruction is vast and she shares it in a relaxed, fun, and professional manner. Rachel’s course resources are extensive and really help anyone interested in teaching fabulous spin classes."


Cedar City Utah. Certified Spinning Instructor

"I have learned so much from your material and I cannot say thank you enough for being so humble and kind to share your knowledge with me. I have purchased all of your teaching manuals and I cannot get enough. Keep them coming! Knowledge is power and the value that you have put into those manuals is worth way more than you are charging. :) I’m inspired by your dedication to your own classes as well as other instructors. Thank you so much!"

Corell Schilp

Indoor Cycling Instructor, St. Charles, Missouri, USA

"Thank you Rachel for a fun and informative workshop! You have an infectious energy and I appreciate the new ideas you shared with us. Look forward to incorporating it into my classes. Thanks again!"

Tammy (ChiaMing) Yu

BCRPA certified fitness leader, weight training instructor, personal trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rachel is an energetic and very fun instructor. The seven hours indoor cycling instructor course never boring even when we were on the bikes and our legs were so sore but we were still laughing. learned lots of ideas lots of information and gat lots of confidence. I will strongly recommend Rachel's course to anyone, thank you and I will always keep learning!!

Christine Woodington

BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader, Richmond, BC, Canada

"I 100% highly recommend Rachel's workshops and courses. I recently completed her Indoor Cycling Certification. It was a jam-packed course that covered history, safety, coaching and planning. After completing the course, it gave me the confidence I needed to plan a well-thought-out and safe class. There were so many example drills, and tips, that I still refer back to the course materials on days when I need some inspiration, and I always find a golden nugget of knowledge that she taught us to get the creative juices flowing again."

Tania Sibley

BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, ICC Certified Cycling Instructor, Delta, BC

"What an awesome resource with a wealth of ideas and fundamental principles of spinning clearly explained. This is an invaluable tool for my teaching, having used many of the drills in this book already and received rave reviews from my participants. As a fitness professional, I cannot recommend this download enough for new/aspiring instructors to current instructors wanting to look for fresh new ideas."

Conner Sudbury

BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, Ladner BC

“I loved Rachel’s Indoor Cycling Certification Course. I heard about her from references at my local gym and participating in her class was a great experience hands down. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Awesome teacher!”

Gerry Greschner

"Great workshop with Rachel! Excellent explanation and demonstration of the different drills and fabulous playlist to go along with it. Highly recommend a workshop if you can or purchase the e-books with the music and drill suggestions an out0standing resource for instructors looking for new ideas"

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